Telecommunications and internet

  • The ACCC is responsible for the economic regulation of the telecommunications sector, including the National Broadband Network (NBN) and mobiles services.
  • We promote competition, remedy market failure, allow access to essential infrastructure, and work to protect consumers in this sector.
  • Our work is done under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and other legislation.


Title Type Status
Service quality and network performance Record Keeping Rule for superfast broadband networks Monitoring Ongoing

The ACCC is proposing to develop a new Record Keeping Rule (RKR) to collect service quality and network performance information from NBN Co and in the future other superfast broadband network providers.

Measuring Broadband Australia program Monitoring Ongoing
31 August 2021

The Measuring Broadband Australia program provides Australian consumers with accurate and independent information about broadband performance to assist their purchasing decisions.

NBN Co SAU variation (March 2022) Undertaking variation Finalised
30 November 2022

On 29 March 2022, NBN Co lodged a variation to its Special Access Undertaking (SAU) with the ACCC. NBN Co's proposed SAU variation followed an extensive industry consultation process hosted by the ACCC during the second half of 2021 to consider the future regulatory framework for the NBN.

Amendments to record keeping rules and access determinations arising from Telstra's corporate restructure Monitoring Submissions due
October 2021

The ACCC made the Audit of Telecommunications Infrastructure Assets - Record Keeping Rules (Infrastructure RKR) in December 2007. The RKR requires specified carriers to report on the locations of their core network and customer access network (CAN) infrastructure.

NBN Co SAU variation (November 2022) Undertaking variation Application received

On 29 November 2022, NBN Co lodged a variation to its Special Access Undertaking (SAU) with the ACCC.

NBN Co is seeking to vary the SAU to incorporate fibre-to-the-node and other copper-based technologies to create a single regulatory framework for all technologies. The SAU variation also included significant changes to other key elements of the SAU, including product and pricing commitments, the framework for NBN Co’s cost recovery, rules for how the ACCC assesses network expenditure, and the service standards framework.

Regional mobile infrastructure inquiry 2022-23 Inquiry Ongoing

On 31 March 2022, the Australian Government announced that it had directed the ACCC to conduct an inquiry into towers used in the supply of mobile telecommunications and other radiocommunications services in regional areas, and into the feasibility of providing mobile roaming during natural disasters or other emergencies.

Broadband speed claims industry guidance Guideline Ongoing

The ACCC has released a series of information papers to inform ISPs and companies advertising broadband and wireless internet services of their obligations under the Trade Practices Act 1974, now the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act).

Superfast broadband access service (SBAS) final access determination inquiry 2021 Access determination Ongoing
19 July 2021

On 19 July 2021 the ACCC commenced a public inquiry to make a final access determination for the superfast broadband access service (SBAS) following its decision to declare the service.