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How we meet our performance indicators

The ACCC has established the following measures to meet key performance indicators.

Key performance indicator: 

Regulators are open and transparent in their dealings with regulated entities.


Public submissions from affected stakeholders and summary consultation surveys results about new or amended safety standards are published.

Key performance indicator:

Regulators actively contribute to the continuous improvement of regulatory frameworks.


Consultation protocols are published. Consultation papers include questions about costs to business of regulatory changes. methods of consultation are continuously reviewed against best practice.

The consultation process

Step Description

Consultation paper

  • We publish a consultation paper when we propose or review a regulation.
  • The paper asks businesses questions including costs of regulatory change.

Consultation strategy

Consultation method

  • We promote the consultation via:
    • ACCC websites and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • direct email to key stakeholders
    • email to industry associations and other groups and organisations
    • Government websites such as australia.gov.au and business.gov.au
  • Stakeholders submit responses via the ACCC consultation hub.

Consider submissions

  • We acknowledge submissions in a timely way.
    • We consider late submissions if time permits.
    • We clarify points in stakeholder submissions where necessary.
    • We publish submissions on our website, unless the stakeholder asks us not to.
  • Stakeholders submit responses via the ACCC consultation hub.

Brief the Minister

  • We brief the Minister about stakeholder submissions, agreements and differences, State and Territory views, and the ACCC recommendation.

Publish outcomes

  • We notify key stakeholders of the Minister’s decision via direct email.
  • We notify State and Territory Australian Consumer Law regulators directly.
  • We publicise the decision on the ACCC website.
  • We update the WTO notification as necessary.


  • We review our consultation methods for effectiveness and best practice.

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