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The information and publications available on our site are broad guides to aspects of legislation and the work of the ACCC and are not and should not be regarded as legal advice. Users should seek their own legal advice where appropriate. Every effort is made to ensure that the material is accurate and up to date. However, we do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or currency of the information provided.


We encourage the distribution and exchange of information provided on our website. The Commonwealth owns the copyright in all material produced by our staff. All material presented on this website is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence (or CC BY 4.0 licence), with the exception of:

  • the Commonwealth Coat of Arms (view guidance on the use of the Coat of Arms)
  • all logos used by the ACCC and AER on the websites, publications and elsewhere
  • content supplied by third parties
  • material where it is expressly stated otherwise.

View the terms of the licence and a summary of the terms on the Creative Commons website.

Attribution required

Material obtained from this website and in which the ACCC owns the copyright (i.e. generally where no third party has been identified as the source of the material) (ACCC copyright material) must be attributed to the ACCC as:

Source: ACCC © Commonwealth of Australia

But where you have modified ACCC copyright material, you should make that clear. For example, by stating:

Source: Based on ACCC data or other content

Using links to our webpages

You may share links to pages on our website, provided that:

  1. each link is presented in a way which fairly represents our role and our site(s)
  2. the context in which you insert each link must not give your visitors the impression that your site, or your company, may be sponsored or endorsed by us
  3. the context of each link must not suggest that we may have created any of your content i.e. the source of the material must be clear.

Third parties' copyright material

Wherever a third party holds copyright in material presented on this website, the copyright remains with that party. Their permission may be required to use the material.

The ACCC has made all reasonable efforts to:

  • clearly label material where the copyright is owned by a third party
  • ensure that the copyright owner has consented to this material being presented on this website.

Confirm currency

If you wish to re-publish or otherwise use the information in this publication, please check the information for currency and accuracy with us prior to publication. This should be done prior to each publication edition, as ACCC guidance and relevant transitional legislation frequently change.

Contact details

Requests and enquiries about reproduction and rights should be directed to the:

Director, Strategic Communications
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
GPO Box 3131

Or by emailing: publishing.unit@accc.gov.au

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