Project overview



The ACCC conducted a market study of the Australian communications sector to examine any existing and emerging competition and consumer issues in the sector. The final report was released in April 2018. 


Changes in the communications sector

The Australian communications sector is going through a period of significant change. In addition to global developments in technology and product innovation, the Australian industry is experiencing major structural change as the NBN is deployed and consumer preferences for, and use of, communications services change.

About the market study

The ACCC undertook the market study to ensure that the implications of developments in the communication sector are well understood, to identify issues that prevent relevant markets from delivering economically efficient and competitive outcomes in the interests of consumers, and to identify options, if required, to address these issues.

The study sought to:

  • identify current and emerging trends and issues that are likely to significantly affect the efficiency and level of competition in relevant communication markets over the next 3 to 5 years, including issues associated with market power and the consequences of it being exercised
  • consider these trends and issues for relevant markets, which  will include, but not be limited to, those for the supply of:
    • fixed and mobile network services
    • core and aggregation network services such as internet protocol (IP) switching and domestic and international transmission
    • services using over the top platforms and content delivery mechanisms.
  • consider the effect of consolidation, structural change and emerging business models in the Australian communications sector on efficiency and competition
  • consider whether the transparency and comparability of consumer product information and costs of switching service provider impede competitive outcomes
  • make findings and identify options that would better place the ACCC to address material issues, including in relation to whether current ACCC regulatory focus is appropriate to meet the requirements of the changing communications landscape.

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