Buying products and services

  • Under the Australian Consumer Law, businesses must meet a set of basic rights called consumer guarantees when they sell products or services.
  • Nothing a business says or does can take away a consumer guarantee.
  • If a consumer has a problem with a product or service, their first step is to contact the seller.

Consumer rights and guarantees

Consumers have the right to expect certain things when they buy a product or service. These rights are protected under consumer law and are known as consumer guarantees.

Payment methods

When using a payment method other than cash, consumers should read any terms and conditions carefully. Businesses should be clear about the total price payable.

Receipts, bills, proof of purchase

Businesses must provide receipts. If a consumer requests a repair, replacement or refund, the business can ask for a receipt or proof of purchase.

Buying online

Standard rights and responsibilities still apply, but there are things consumers and businesses need to know when buying and selling online.


Warranties are extra promises that a business makes about the quality of a product or how it will fix any problems with a product or service.


When someone buys products or services, they enter into a contract with the seller.

Buying parallel imports

When a product is brought into Australia without the manufacturer’s permission (a parallel import), the normal consumer rights apply.

Buying tickets to events

When consumers buy tickets to events, they have rights under consumer law. Ticket selling businesses must ensure they follow their obligations under consumer law.

Not receiving products or services that are paid for

If businesses can’t supply the product or service that a consumer has paid for, then the business must provide a solution.

Receiving unrequested products or services

There are rules when a business tries to charge a consumer or another business for products or services they didn’t ask for.

Telemarketing and door-to-door sales

Consumers have rights when a salesperson approaches them at the front door, over the phone, or in a public place. These sales methods are known as unsolicited consumer agreements.

Unfair business practices

The Australian Consumer Law protects consumers from certain unfair behaviour by businesses that sell products and services.