What the ACCC does

  • We educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities
  • We accept reports where people consider a business is doing something it shouldn’t do. We use those reports to inform our education, compliance and enforcement work
  • We can investigate and may take some form of compliance and enforcement if a business breaks the consumer law.

What the ACCC can't do

  • We don’t give legal advice on rights and responsibilities.
  • We don't resolve individual disputes between businesses and consumers.

Rights and responsibilities for all purchases

NDIS participants

If you have concerns about overcharging, visit NDIS Commission fair pricing for more information about reporting the issue.

We encourage you to report the conduct to the ACCC when you think a consumer right hasn't been met. This includes where you’ve:

Rules for specific types of purchases

Specific products and services

Consultative committee

ACCC action on buying products and services

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