Telecommunications and internet

  • We promote competition and respond to market failure. We also work to protect consumers in this sector.

  • We allow access to essential infrastructure.

  • Our regular reports help people compare the performance of broadband providers.

Broadband speeds

Advertised home broadband speeds must be accurate. Our guidance helps providers give accurate and helpful information about broadband speeds.

Broadband performance data

The ACCC runs the Measuring Broadband Australia program. It provides information on the real world performance of broadband plans. We publish updates on this page every 3 months.

Choosing a mobile phone service

There are many different mobile plans on offer, so choosing a plan that suits your needs can be difficult. We provide information on how to understand different plans.

Keeping mobile service costs down

Prevent unexpected bills by knowing how to reduce costs when using your mobile phone service.

Problems with your mobile service

Consumers have rights under the Australian Consumer Law when they buy a product or service, including a mobile phone service.

Unauthorised transfer of phone or internet services

Unauthorised transfer occurs when a consumer is switched from one service provider to another without agreeing to it.