International relations

Participating in international liaison assists the ACCC meet its objective of making markets work.

Aims of our international activities

The ACCC’s objectives for its international relations are to:

  • assist with cross-border investigations and build the necessary international relationships and processes to promote this cooperation.
  • enhance the skill set of our staff by building partnerships with international counterpart agencies to share and develop knowledge.
  • assist other countries, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, to build effective competition and consumer protection systems and appropriate frameworks for economic regulation.

Information for international agencies seeking assistance

We are committed to working with our counterparts across competition, consumer, product safety, and sectoral regulation for the benefit of consumers and businesses worldwide.

To find out more about our international activities, secondments and delegation visits, or to request assistance, please contact our International Unit at

To request a delegation visit, see Delegation requests.

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Current international projects include:

Better Economic Regulation - International Insights

A research project being conducted by our Regulatory Development Branch, this project observes how different regulators function and then draws insight from them. The research initially published in 2009 already covers seven key infrastructure and network industries in 11 countries and is currently being updated and expanded.

Competition Law Implementation Program (CLIP)

A key strategic priority for the ACCC is developing stronger and closer cooperative relationships in Asia. Through the Competition Law Implementation Program (CLIP), the ACCC is delivering assistance to ASEAN Member States to effectively introduce and implement national competition laws and policies.

In managing CLIP, the ACCC is sharing experience and judgement developed from over 40 years of competition law enforcement with ASEAN Member States to assist build the foundations of effective competition law and regulation. CLIP draws on existing expertise in the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) region to deliver targeted capacity building projects designed to build solid foundations for effective competition law enforcement and regulation, particularly within newly established competition agencies.

Since commencing in October 2014, CLIP has supported:

  • numerous capacity building workshops
  • a study visit to Australia
  • secondments from ASEAN countries to New Zealand
  • expert visits and placements in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand
  • the provision of technical and mentoring assistance to ASEAN countries, including Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar.

Activities under CLIP are tailored to the differing organisational needs of each ASEAN Member State and focus on providing expert advice and guidance through transfer of practical skills and knowledge.

CLIP is a major initiative of the AANZFTA Competition Committee and aims to assist ASEAN meet the competition goals for the ASEAN Economic Community.

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ICN anti-cartel enforcement template, 2015

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