Business operations and costs

  • Businesses have certain rights and protections under the law.
  • Businesses can report issues to the ACCC. This includes false or misleading claims by other businesses, experience with scams, and anti-competitive behaviour. We use these reports to inform our education and compliance work.

Broadband speeds

When choosing a broadband service on the NBN, you need to know how it will perform, as well as any other limitations that will affect your connection.

Debt collection rules

A debt collector should only contact a debtor for a reasonable purpose and only when necessary. Certain behaviour is illegal.

Debt help

Laws are in place to protect you from being treated unfairly by debt collectors. Businesses that recover debts need to be aware of their legal obligations.


As a business, there are things you can do to protect yourself from scams and if you're a victim of a scam.

Make a complaint as a business

There are three steps to follow when making a complaint.

COVID-19 information for business

Find the latest information on the rights and obligations of businesses in response to events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.