What the ACCC does

  • We use reports and information to monitor compliance and to inform our decisions.
  • We may publish certain information or reports using a disclosure direction.

What the ACCC can't do

  • We can’t give identifiable record keeping rules information to the public unless certain requirements are met, such as a disclosure direction or notice being in place.

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Record keeping rules and reporting

It applies to carriers and carriage service providers that are covered by a current record keeping rule.

The ACCC has the powers to:

  • make a record keeping rule
  • require that specified carriers and carriage service providers comply with the rule.

A rule can specify the records a provider must keep, how reports need to be prepared, and when reports need to be provided to us.

Our powers come from section 151BU of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Email RKRinbox@accc.gov.au to provide records and reports to us under a record keeping rule, unless the rule specifies another method.

Revoked record keeping rules

The following record keeping rules have been revoked or allowed to expire:

Access agreement reporting

It applies to carriers and carriage service providers.

Carriers and carriage service providers must lodge a report every 3 months with the ACCC setting out:

  • any access agreements and variation agreements for declared services in force during the quarter
  • any access agreements relating to a declared service terminated during the quarter.

The ACCC may request copies of access agreements from companies that supply declared services.

See Access agreement reporting for more information including how to submit reports.

Copies of access agreements

It applies to companies that supply a service that has been declared.

The ACCC may set default prices and other terms and conditions of access to declared services.

The ACCC may request a copy of the access agreement from a company that supplies a declared service.

NBN Co wholesale market indicators reporting

NBN Co is required to prepare a report every 3 months for the ACCC as part of the NBN services in operation record keeping rules.

The report provides an overview of the NBN wholesale market with a focus on residential broadband services.

See NBN wholesale market indicators reports.

Digital radio joint venture company reporting

Digital radio joint venture companies must submit a report each year to the ACCC.

The report covers compliance with legislation and the digital radio services undertakings.

See Digital radio services annual reports.

Superfast and broadband carriage services reporting

It applies to carriers captured by the Carrier Licence Conditions (Networks supplying Superfast Carriage Services to Residential Customers) Declaration 2014.

Carriers must notify the ACCC in writing that the carrier licence conditions apply to them within 20 days.

There are different reporting requirements for carriers that operate on a wholesale-only basis and those that are not operated on a wholesale only basis. Exemptions for carriers may apply.

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