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Why work here

The ACCC is a place where smart and dedicated people from all walks of life collaborate to work on meaningful matters, challenge themselves and make a significant and lasting impact for all of Australia.

Around here, each day reveals new opportunities to work on some of the biggest issues facing consumers and businesses.

We strive for a more competitive, productive and fair economic landscape that contributes towards a better life for every Australian.

We’re a collaborative team that looks out for each other, takes considered risks and seeks out new perspectives. We understand that meaningful change and the best solutions often sit outside 'the way things have always been’.

With us, what you get out is what you put in. With challenging work and opportunities to pursue new and exciting pathways around every corner, you can develop the career and capabilities you want to help unlock your full potential.

At the ACCC, we’re proud of the impact we can make together. We understand the responsibilities and challenges that come with such a fast moving and ever-changing line of work.

Together, we’re excited to take on whatever comes our way with a can-do approach. Our high performing culture is built on a foundation of care, support and inclusion – to get the best from us requires an environment where everyone can thrive. It’s why we’re driven by connection and collaboration, sharing our skills, knowledge and support with each other freely and frequently. It’s why we prioritise the wellbeing of our people and empower them to work autonomously, flexibly and courageously.

What we offer

We are a hybrid workplace with offices in all Australian capital cities and Townsville.

To sustain our social connectiveness and culture, it’s important that our people can collaborate in person from the office and where agreed with their manager, virtually from their home-office.

We develop our people through initiatives such as the Graduate Program, the Talent Program as well as other more specialised learning and development and mobility opportunities. Our highly experienced employees also share their knowledge through providing mentoring, coaching and on the job guidance.

Our people are engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 and are subject to the terms and conditions of employment as specified in the ACCC enterprise agreement 2024-27.

We offer attractive conditions and benefits including:

  • competitive rates of pay and 15.4% superannuation
  • 4 weeks annual leave each year (pro-rated for part-time employees) with the option to purchase additional annual leave
  • personal leave and paid maternity leave (pro-rated for part-time employees)
  • paid shutdown between the Christmas and New Year period
  • access to salary sacrificing
  • access to studies assistance
  • flexible working arrangements such as part-time work, flexible hours of work, and our hybrid way of working
  • the ability to perform any role at any ACCC office
  • $600 gross to go towards setting up your home office on commencement
  • $300 reimbursement each financial year for healthy lifestyle related expenses as well as access to an Employee Assistance Program and expansive options to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing

We provide a safe, healthy workplace and strongly support our people by offering a range of activities and initiatives. We are dedicated to a respectful, harassment and bullying free workforce.

We recognise that mental health and wellbeing is exceptionally important and it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Our Employee Wellbeing Approach provides health and wellbeing activities, services and resources that engage, empower and encourage you to improve lifestyle choices, and provides a work environment that supports health and wellbeing.

These services and resources are grouped into 5 key pillars to help inform your choice of support to best suit your circumstances. These include:

  • My connections - Social and community connections help us to thrive in our workplace and in our lives.
  • My mind - Looking after our mental wellbeing requires work. We recognise feeling mentally well and being resilient are keys to success.
  • My health - Our health is one of our biggest assets. The Approach highlights a range of opportunities to help you with your overall health including exercise, sleep, food and lifestyle tips, as well as a healthy lifestyle reimbursement and a one-off allowance for home office set up.
  • My career - Learning and development, and mobility opportunities, are essential for career planning. Learning and development, and mobility opportunities, are essential for career planning.
  • My finances - Financial worries can be one of the biggest causes of stress.  The Approach highlights a range of opportunities to help enhance your feeling of financial security.

We also offer a range of learning opportunities for managers to help build their capability in identifying early warning signs in their people.

Workplace diversity and inclusion

The ACCC is committed to a workplace that reflects the community we serve.

We recognise that diversity brings a range of experiences, perspectives, and ideas to our workplace. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that drives performance, innovation and productivity, where our people feel supported and valued.

We encourage everyone to freely be themselves without fear of discrimination or judgement about their ethnicity, age, religion, sexuality or disability status.

We actively celebrate and support the diversity of our people though an annual program of events. This changes each year and includes a mixture of all-employee events as well as news articles. We also encourage active participation in our Employee Networks to help us deliver on each of our strategies and action plans:

Social responsibility

We have a number of social responsibility programs and policies in place that reflect the initiatives our people care about.


The ACCC operates with minimal impact on resources and the environment by factoring in the economic, environmental, social and equitable considerations over both the short and long term. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in a range of areas, including property, information technology, waste management, information and education.

Workplace giving

The ACCC Workplace Giving Program allows employees to donate to selected charities directly from their pay. Donations are made through the employee’s pre-tax salary so that the tax benefit is claimed through their payroll, rather than through an annual tax refund.

APS census results

In 2023, we continued to have strong participation with the census (89%), as well as high employee engagement (79% positive responses) and wellbeing (76% positive responses).

APS employee census 2023 - ACCC and AER action plan ( PDF 52.97 KB )

APS employee census 2023 - ACCC and AER results ( PDF 1.23 MB )

APS employee census 2023 - ACCC and AER results ( XLSX 40.91 KB )

APS Code of Conduct

All Australian Public Service employees are required to comply with the APS Code of Conduct. This includes behaving in a way, at all times, that upholds the APS values and employment principles, and the integrity and good reputation of the ACCC and the Australian Public Service.

ACCC guidelines for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct and for determining sanction ( PDF 275.01 KB )

ACCC procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct and for determining a sanction ( PDF 1.12 MB )

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