From 6 November 2017, applications for merger authorisation must be made to the ACCC. Merger authorisation enables merger parties to seek statutory protection for a proposed acquisition from legal action under section 50 of the Act.

The merger authorisation process is public and the application for merger authorisation, all related submissions by the applicant and interested parties, and the ACCC’s determination, are placed on the merger authorisations public register.

Merger authorisation applications under consideration will be displayed below, including applications for:

  • merger authorisation
  • minor variation of a merger authorisation
  • revocation of a merger authorisation
  • revocation and substitution of a merger authorisation.

Under consideration

There are currently no entries in this public register.


Merger authorisations (prior to November 2017)

Prior to 6 November 2017, merger authorisation applications were made to the Australian Competition Tribunal. Details relating to these applications are published on the Tribunal’s public register at

The ACCC also maintains a public register of merger authorisations (prior to November 2017).