March 2024 interim report31 Mar 2024

The ACCC will consider potential competition and consumer issues in the supply of data broker services in Australia. Our report will focus on data brokers that collect information about people from various third-party sources. Data brokers use this information to create data products and services which they sell or share with other organisations (third-party data brokers).

This report is the eighth interim report of the Digital Platform Services Inquiry. It will focus on the data products and services supplied by third-party data brokers. In doing this, it will examine:

  • sources of data broker information
  • the types of information collected
  • methods of collection, storage, processing and analysing information
  • types of data broker products and services supplied and how these are used
  • competitive dynamics in the data broker industry in Australia
  • potential consumer or small business harms that may arise.

This report is due to be provided to the Treasurer by 31 March 2024.

Issues paper

To inform this report, the ACCC released an issues paper on 10 July 2023, seeking views from interested stakeholders on the nature of the data broker industry in Australia and any related competition and consumer issues that may arise. The ACCC invites submissions on the matters outlined in this issues paper by 7 August 2023.