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Check the financial benefits

To get the benefits of using solar power you must be able to connect to the local electricity network.

The long term financial value of going solar depends on initial purchase and installation costs, any available government rebates, and the impact of your electricity provider’s feed-in tariffs and rates on your bills.

Check to see if you’re eligible for any government rebates and feed-in tariff rates and whether these will change before using them to offset the cost of going solar.

Before choosing solar power

Ask your electricity supplier:

  • will you be able to connect to the local network and get the feed-in tariff?
  • what are the solar feed-in tariffs and rates for peak and off-peak periods?
  • are there any extra fees for switching to solar or switching to another electricity company offering cheaper bills or a higher feed-in tariff?

Ask solar power providers:

  • what size system is needed to cover your energy bills and what is the total installation cost?
  • do any government rebates apply, how much would you get and what do you need to do to receive them?

Before signing a solar power contract

  1. Work out potential savings on your bills and how long it would take to recover the total cost of going solar.
  2. Ask your local council or building authority if there are any building regulations for installing solar power.
  3. Ask your state or territory consumer organisation if there is a limit on the size of the deposit a solar supplier can ask for up front.
  4. Read the contract carefully and ask about any unclear terms.

Consumer rights for solar power

Your electricity supplier and solar power provider must:

  • ensure their products and services meet the consumer guarantees
  • not provide you with false or misleading information in advertising, promotions or during their sales pitch
  • not approach you in person or by phone or email using forceful or high pressured sales tactics to get you to buy something you don’t want or can’t afford.

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