Description of Conduct

On 30 August 2023 Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd (Bakers Delight) lodged an application for authorisation to engage in conduct that would have the effect of limiting the ability of individual Bakers Delight bakeries to independently select pricing on a range of promotional products (referred to as Promotional Discounts). Bakers Delight would select a number of price tiers for each of these promotional products and Bakers Delight bakeries would only be able to select one of the pre-configured price tiers for these products.

Bakers Delight sought interim authorisation on an urgent basis to enable the conduct to occur while the ACCC considers the substantive application.

On 27 October 2023, the ACCC decided to deny interim authorisation to Bakers Delight.

On 14 December 2023, the ACCC issued a draft determination proposing to deny authorisation to Bakers Delight.

On 14 March 2024 the ACCC issued a determination denying authorisation. A copy of the ACCC’s determination is available below.



Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000650-1