Petrol, diesel & LPG

The ACCC does not set fuel prices. Fuel prices are determined by the market. Our primary role is to prevent anti-competitive conduct, such as price fixing or collusion, to protect consumers. To this end, we monitor fuel prices in all capital cities and more than 190 regional locations. We provide weekly information on recent unleaded petrol prices in the five largest cities.

About fuel prices

Petrol prices are determined by several overseas and local market forces. While the ACCC does monitor petrol prices, we do not set or control them.

Petrol price cycles

While price cycles usually operate in regular patterns, the cheapest and most expensive days to buy petrol change from cycle to cycle.

Fuel in regional Australia

Petrol prices in regional locations are generally higher than those in the capital cities. They are also more stable, as there are only a few regional locations with petrol price cycles.


Biofuels, such as ethanol blended fuels and biodiesel, are made from vegetable and animal products. The ACCC monitors developments in the biofuels market.

Monitoring fuel prices following the excise cut

The ACCC acknowledges the Federal Budget announcement of a six-month reduction in fuel excise from 30 March 2022. We are monitoring petrol prices following this cut in fuel excise.