Project overview


On 2 April 2024, NBN Co submitted its proposed Accounting Procedures as required under its Special Access Undertaking (SAU). 

The approved Accounting Procedures (the procedures) will establish requirements for NBN Co to specify the nature and form of the financial statements it will produce in satisfying the accounting separation commitments it gave under the SAU. The procedures also describe the processes that NBN Co will follow in preparing the reports for specified core and competitive services and provide assurance over them. 

The ACCC may, by notifying NBN Co, determine the procedures in either the form submitted by NBN Co or a form which incorporates reasonable changes. An ACCC decision is required within 3 months of submission receipt unless the timeframe is extended. 

The procedures will complement NBN Co’s Cost Allocation Manual (available NBN Co Cost Allocation Manual (November 2023) | ACCC).