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  • N10000561


On 20 April 2023, Norwell Valley Collective Pty Ltd (Leamac) lodged an exclusive dealing notification with the ACCC. Leamac proposes to provide property development services to the approximately 70 landowners (Landowners) on condition that, if a Landowner wishes to sell its land prior to completion of the development process, the Landowner must use the services of Colliers International Residential (Brisbane) Pty Ltd to sell the land.

Leamac is a property developer with experience in the development of large and complex mix use developments. Leamac is offering to enter into development management arrangements with Landowners in the Norwell Valley, Queensland as an integrated property development by combining the respective landholdings for subdivision. The proposed development will include residential, commercial and industrial lots as well as the development of related infrastructure (e.g., roads and services) and amenities (e.g., parklands, school) as appropriate to service the development.

Legal protection provided by an exclusive dealing notification commences immediately when the notification is lodged, and will continue unless or until the notification is revoked or withdrawn.

For avoidance of doubt, legal protection does not extend to the deed of accession to the development management agreement between Leamac and the Landowners in Norwell Valley, Queensland.


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