Notification number(s)

  • N10000565


On 17 January 2024, Bluesfest Byron Bay Pty Ltd lodged exclusive dealing notification N10000565.

Bluesfest Byron Bay Pty Ltd proposes to contract with Domestic Artists to provide live music at the Easter Bluesfest Event at Tyagarah, and provide that the Domestic Artists will not perform at another live music event within 250 kilometres of the Easter Bluesfest Event at Tyagarah for a period of up to 4 months before and up to 1 month after the performance/s they are contracted to provide at the Easter Bluesfest Event.

‘Domestic Artists’ are defined as a musical artist whose place of residence and business is within Australia.

Legal protection provided by an exclusive dealing notification commences immediately when the notification is lodged, and will continue unless or until the notification is revoked or withdrawn.

In 2023, Bluesfest Byron Bay Pty Ltd and Bluesfest Tours Pty Ltd lodged two exclusive dealing notifications in relation to their dealings with international musical artists (with identical conduct in both notifications). A copy of these notifications can be found on the ACCC’s public register.


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