Final report15 Dec 2023

On 15 December 2023, the ACCC released the final report for its Inquiry into the retail deposits market. The ACCC provided a copy of the Inquiry's final report to the Treasurer on 1 December 2023.

The ACCC has made 7 recommendations based on our Inquiry findings. These recommendations are designed to:

  • Increase transparency to support decision making.
  • Support more effective consumer engagement.
  • Reduce barriers to consumer switching to drive competition.

See: Retail deposits inquiry - final report

Retail deposits consumer research report

The Inquiry report also draws on an ACCC consumer survey. The ACCC commissioned SEC Newgate Research to conduct a survey to better understand consumer behaviour in relation to retail deposit products. A summary report of findings from the survey has been published alongside the Inquiry’s final report. 

The ACCC has since published the underlying data below for the consumer survey undertaken by SEC Newgate Research in order to provide consumer, industry and government bodies access to consumer research data for their own use and purposes. The data provides an extensive breakdown of responses across various demographics.