Motor vehicle information scheme (MVIS)

The Motor Vehicle Information Scheme (scheme) came into effect on 1 July 2022. The scheme increases competition and choice for consumers about where they have their cars serviced and repaired.

About the scheme

Part IVE to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 requires motor vehicle service and repair information to be made available for Australian repairers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to purchase at a fair market price.

Under the mandatory scheme, all Australian motor vehicle repairers and relevant RTOs have fair access to the information needed to service and repair cars or provide training. This includes software updates to connect a new spare part with a car, and information and codes for computerised systems from a car manufacturer.

In the past, only car manufacturers and their affiliated repairers were able to access important service and repair information. This prevented many independent repairers from competing fairly for car servicing and repair work. It created additional costs for consumers as well as inconvenience and delays.

The new law applies to passenger vehicles and light goods vehicles other than omnibuses, manufactured on or after 1 January 2002.

It does not apply to 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles, farm, construction or heavy vehicles, motor homes or buses.

These changes to the automotive servicing sector adopt recommendations from the ACCC’s new car retailing industry market study.

ACCC’s role

The ACCC has a broad oversight and enforcement role. We have established a dedicated team to ensure the industry has a clear understanding of the ACCC’s role and functions, and is closely monitoring the implementation of and compliance with the scheme.

We encourage compliance with the scheme and will take enforcement action when necessary and appropriate.

Our objectives are to:

  • ensure data providers, such as motor vehicle manufacturers, understand their obligations
  • monitor the implementation of and compliance with the scheme
  • educate and provide guidance to industry stakeholders and data providers
  • work collaboratively with the Scheme Adviser to increase awareness and educate businesses.

Scheme Adviser's role

The Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA) is a joint industry-led body that has been appointed by the Government as the Scheme Adviser.

AASRA is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the scheme such as:

  • providing guidance to Australian repairers and RTOs on where to access information on each manufacturer on its website
  • assisting data providers with setting up their operational systems and to use the portal to share information through it
  • nominating mediators or technical experts to conduct dispute resolution
  • reporting and providing general advice to the ACCC about any systemic regulatory or enforcement issues.

AASRA has created an online portal that allows Australian repairers and scheme RTOs to verify they meet the criteria for accessing safety and security information.

Visit AASRA’s website for more information about their role.

Information for motorists

The scheme provides a fairer opportunity for all Australian repairers to compete, which improves outcomes for consumers.

With greater competition, consumers can shop around for an independent repairer that offers the best price, service and convenience, knowing they all have access to the information needed to complete the servicing or repair.

The scheme does not provide consumers with direct access to service and repair information. However, it does not prevent car manufacturers from sharing information with consumers. Safety and security information can only be accessed by repairers and RTOs who meet the access criteria.

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Information for data providers

Data providers, such as motor vehicle manufacturers, are required to provide information to independent repairers necessary for conducting diagnostics, servicing or repair activities at a fair market price.

Significant penalties apply for failure to comply with the main obligations of the scheme and the ACCC has a number of enforcement tools available. These range from infringement notices to commencing legal proceedings in the Federal Court alleging that individuals or companies have breached the legislation.

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Information for Australian repairers and RTOs

This reform creates a fairer opportunity for Australian motor vehicle repairers to compete in this industry. Independent repairers can access information used to diagnose faults, service and repair vehicles as supplied to the market. Australian RTOs who provide courses in diagnosing faults with servicing, repairing, modifying, or dismantling vehicles are also eligible to receive this information.

Independent repairers can also access safety and security information, provided they meet the safety and security criteria prescribed by the scheme rules. Data providers are unable to supply safety and security information if the relevant criteria are not met.

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Data providers can contact the Motor vehicle information scheme team:

Repairers can contact the Scheme Adviser by clicking the ‘contact us’ section on AASRA’s website

Motorists can find more information in our Consumers section of the website or report a business to our Infocentre.

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