Mobile phone services

When buying mobile phone products and services, it helps to be aware of the latest consumer advice and follow tips to protect your rights

Choosing a mobile plan

Consumers have rights when shopping for mobile phone services. When choosing a phone provider you need to consider your usage patterns and compare prices and contracts.

Switching mobile services

You don’t necessarily have to switch your provider to get the best deal. If you’ve been with the same provider for a while you may also get a better deal just by switching to a new plan.

Mobile coverage

Understanding a mobile phone provider’s coverage is important so you know your mobile phone will work where you plan to use it. You should check a provider’s website for their coverage in areas such as your home, workplace and commute.

Mobile data usage

Most mobile phone plans have data inclusions that you can use on your handset to do things like browse the internet, send emails, use apps and watch videos. However, data inclusions vary considerably between plans and it's important to get the right amount of data for your usage needs.

Using your mobile overseas

Most phone companies allow you to use your mobile phone when travelling overseas. This service is known as ‘international roaming’.

In-app purchases

Avoid unexpected bills by knowing how to prevent unauthorised in-app purchases on your smartphone or tablet.

Consumer rights for mobile services

Consumers have rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) when they buy any product or service, including a mobile phone service.