Where to go for consumer help

It can be confusing deciding who to contact when you have a consumer problem. This page provides information about where to go for consumer help.

The business

The first place to contact is the business itself. The owner, manager, or customer service contact is often able to fix the problem quickly.

State and territory consumer protection agency

Your local state & territory consumer protection agency (sometimes called 'consumer affairs' or 'fair trading') can provide you with information about your rights and options. They may also be able to help negotiate a resolution between you and the seller.

Industry ombudsmen and dispute resolution

Some industries have a national ombudsman (such as the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and the Financial Industry Ombudsman). Other industries (such as energy) have industry ombudsmen & dispute resolution offices in each state and territory.


Contact the ACCC for information about your consumer rights and obligations, and possible courses of action you might take. While we don’t resolve individual complaints, we will use the information you provide to help us understand what issues are causing the most harm to Australian business and consumers, and where to focus our compliance and enforcement efforts.

State and territory small claims tribunals

You may be entitled to take your complaint to your local state & territory small claims tribunal. Your local tribunal can advise you on their dispute resolution processes and how to lodge a claim.

Legal advice

Consider getting independent legal advice about what options are available and suit your circumstances.

Make sure that you get legal advice first, as legal action can be expensive and there is no guarantee that you will be successful.

If you're unsure what to do

If you can’t resolve the problem with the relevant business, contact the ACCC or your local consumer protection agency for advice on what you can do next.

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