Cartel immunity

If you're aware of cartel conduct or are involved in a cartel, you can make a report to the ACCC and apply for immunity from prosecution.

Apply for immunity

The ACCC has a policy to provide greater certainty for immunity applicants so we are better able to detect and break up cartels operating in Australia.

Be the first to apply for immunity from prosecution in exchange for helping us with our investigations by contacting:

Rob Ghali
General Manager, Cartels Branch
Phone: 02 9230 3894


The ACCC immunity and cooperation policy for cartel conduct sets out the policy of the ACCC in relation to applications for immunity from ACCC-initiated civil proceedings by those involved in cartel conduct, and how cooperation provided to the ACCC by cartel participants will be recognised.
3 Dec 2018

This document supplements the ACCC immunity and cooperation policy for cartel conduct. The frequently asked questions may be amended from time to time to address issues that may arise in the application of the policy.


Note: Amendments to section 45 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the CCA) commenced on 6 November 2017, repealing section 45(2).

3 Dec 2018

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