On 27 November 2023, the ACCC released the seventh interim report for the Digital Platform Services Inquiry. 

The report considers competition and consumer issues from the expanding ecosystems of digital platform providers in Australia. It uses smart home devices and consumer cloud storage solutions as examples to explore the impact of this expansion.

The report provides further evidence supporting the need for regulatory reform to address digital platform-related competition and consumer harms, as recommended in the September 2022 interim report of this inquiry.

Clarification of statements regarding Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and Mojang

Following the publication of the seventh interim report on digital platform ecosystems, Microsoft contacted the ACCC to request corrections to several statements made in the report regarding its LinkedIn and Mojang businesses. The ACCC considers it is appropriate to make some factual clarifications, which are set out in the document below.

Digital platform services inquiry: September 2023 report - Clarification - 25 January 2024 ( PDF 86.04 KB )