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Making a request to visit the ACCC

The ACCC is not able to fund international delegation visits.

Due to the number of requests the ACCC receives, we regrettably cannot accommodate all requests to meet with international delegations.

What to include with your request to visit

To assist the ACCC to consider your request, the following information should be provided:

  • details including:
    • name of agency
    • country/jurisdiction
    • contact person and position title
    • address
    • telephone, facsimile, email
  • date of proposed visit
  • names and titles of officials who will be attending
  • purpose of the visit
  • specific issues you want to discuss with the ACCC
  • list of other organisations you will be visiting on this trip to Australia
  • particulars (including dates) of any other recent visits and contacts to the ACCC by members of your agency.

Please submit your request at least two months prior to your proposed visit. This will help us prepare for your visit by arranging for appropriate ACCC staff to be available to meet with you. Shorter notice periods may mean we are less likely to be able to meet with you.

Delegation visits are generally hosted in the ACCC’s national office in Canberra; meetings with State offices can be arranged using in-house video conferencing facilities. Please note requests to visit State offices will only be accommodated in exceptional circumstances.

The ACCC will let you know if we are able to meet with you within 10 days of receiving your completed request.

Send us your request

Send to:

Director, International Unit
PO Box 3131, Canberra ACT 2601
Email international@accc.gov.au

If your request is approved

  1. We expect that you will have some knowledge of the ACCC from the information on our website, for example About the ACCC.
  2. Delegations should ensure they have a proficient interpreter with them, if required.
  3. So that you obtain maximum benefit from your visit to the ACCC, please submit questions about the specific issues you would like to discuss at least two weeks prior to the visit.
  4. So that your visit is of mutual benefit, at the meeting we will ask you to explain why you are visiting the ACCC and what you hope to get out of the visit. We may also ask you about your jurisdiction generally, and how the specific matters you wish to discuss with the ACCC are dealt with in your jurisdiction.

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