Agriculture Consultative Committee

The Agriculture Consultative Committee was established by the ACCC to provide advice and information on issues affecting the agriculture sector that fall within the scope of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act), and to provide a forum where competition and consumer law concerns related to the agriculture sector can be considered and addressed collaboratively.

How the committee works

The committee meetings will be held twice a year, and will be chaired by ACCC Commissioner, Mick Keogh.

Members have been drawn from a range of backgrounds and industries within the agriculture sector including peak bodies, industry associations, and industry advisors. Appointment to the committee is at our discretion and members typically hold office for a period of two years.

We do not pay sitting fees or reimburse travel costs for participation, members must meet their own expenses.

Members are expected to provide input at meetings on:

  • issues and processes affecting the agriculture sector that fall within the scope of the Act
  • emerging issues or market developments of concern to the agriculture sector
  • information dissemination strategies and appropriate networks available to enhance communication with the agriculture sector, and
  • other issues as requested by the ACCC.

Current membership

  • Australian Chicken Meat Federation – Vivien Kite

  • Australian Dairy Farmers – David Inall

  • Australian Food and Grocery Council – Tanya Barden

  • Australian Lot Feeder's Association – Jim Cudmore

  • Australian Meat Industry Council – Patrick Hutchinson

  • Australian Pork Limited – Deb Kerr

  • Ausveg – James Whiteside

  • Canegrowers – Warren Males

  • Cattle Council of Australia – Duncan Bremner

  • Cotton Australia – Adam Kay

  • Freshmark – Bill Chalk

  • Grain Growers – David McKeon

  • Grain Producers Australia – Daniel Cooper

  • Grain Trade Australia – Pat O’Shannassy

  • Growcom – Pat Hannan

  • National Farmers’ Federation – Fiona Simson

  • NSW Farmers – Matt Brand

  • Primary Producers South Australia – Trevor Ranford

  • Sheep Meat Council – Dr Kathleen Giles

  • Tasmanian Farmers’ and Graziers’ Association – Peter Skillern

  • Voice of Horticulture and Citrus Australia – Tania Chapman

  • WA Farmers – Dale Park

  • Wine Grape Growers Association – Ben Rose

  • Individual - Adam Jenkins (President of United Dairyfarmers of Victoria)

  • Individual - Jan Davis (agricultural consultant)

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