ACCC's fuel monitoring role

While the ACCC does not set fuel prices, we monitor retail fuel prices on a daily basis. New arrangements for ACCC monitoring of the Australian petroleum industry commenced in December 2014.

Monitoring retail fuel prices

The ACCC monitors retail prices of unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG in all Australian capital cities and in around 190 regional locations. This enables us to provide you with information about fuel prices, including petrol price cycles in the larger cities.

Where we see issues of concern we will investigate. And, where we find sufficient evidence we will take action to protect consumers against misleading and anti-competitive conduct by fuel retailers.

Monitoring Australia’s unleaded petrol industry

The ACCC has a Ministerial direction to produce reports at least quarterly focusing on particular aspects of the fuel market of consumer interest.

The ACCC publishes a report quarterly which looks at fuel price movements in all capital cities and around 190 regional locations. We also undertake market studies, including analysing the drivers of petrol prices in particular regional markets.

Latest reports

Past reports

Consultants reports

In previous years the ACCC has commissioned a number of consultants reports on fuel related issues.

More information

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