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MYOB Invest Co Pty Ltd proposes to acquire GreatSoft Pty Ltd.

The parties both supply practice management software to accounting firms in Australia.

Market inquiries

The closing date for submissions is 12 November 2020. Submissions should be forwarded electronically (preferably in PDF format) to with the title "Submission re: MYOB/GreatSoft - attention Adrian Hughes / Nigel Vise".

Following the closing date, queries regarding the ACCC's review may be addressed to Adrian Hughes and Nigel Vise at For more details, please refer to the attached market inquiries letter.

Market inquiries

Document title Date


21/10/2020ACCC commenced informal review under the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines.
12/11/2020Closing date for submissions.
28/01/2021Proposed date for announcement of ACCC’s findings (as outlined in the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines, this may be a final decision or release of a Statement of Issues).

Project staff

  • Adrian Hughes
  • Nigel Vise

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