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Alsco Pty Ltd (Alsco) proposed to acquire the garment laundry and rental business of Spotless Group Holdings Limited (Spotless' garment business).

Alsco Pty Ltd is wholly owned by Alsco Inc., a company based in the United States. Spotless Group Holdings Limited is wholly owned by Downer EDI Limited. 

Both parties provide garment laundry and work wear rental services in Australia.

Statement of issues

Document title Date


09/06/2020ACCC commenced informal review under the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines.
25/06/2020Closing date for submissions.
07/08/2020ACCC is awaiting information from Alsco, and the former provisional date for the announcement of findings (27 August 2020) is delayed.
30/09/2020ACCC received further information from Alsco.
08/10/2020ACCC published a Statement of Issues outlining preliminary competition concerns.
22/10/2020ACCC discontinued its public review after Alsco informed of its intention to withdraw its proposed acquisition of Spotless garment's business.