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On 19 January 2024, Louis Dreyfus Company Asia Pte. Ltd. (LDC) announced it was proposing to acquire all of the remaining ordinary shares of Namoi Cotton Limited (Namoi) through a Scheme Implementation Agreement. LDC already holds approximately 17% of the shareholding in Namoi.

LDC operates in the sourcing, ginning, storage, shipment and trading/marketing of cotton lint and cottonseed. It also sources and trades grains and oilseeds. Namoi’s business comprises cotton ginning, cottonseed marketing, and cotton lint classing as well as warehousing and logistics services (through the Namoi Cotton Alliance joint venture with LDC) and exclusively sourcing cotton lint for the Namoi Cotton Marketing Alliance (a joint venture between Namoi and LDC) as part of its cotton marketing activities.

Market inquiries

Submissions are invited from interested parties regarding the proposed acquisition of Namoi by LDC by 4 March 2024.

Submissions should be forwarded electronically (preferably in PDF format) to with the title: “Submission re: LDC’s proposed acquisition of Namoi - attention Emma Moulds / Hugo Dunkley."

For more details, please refer to the Market Inquiries Letter published below.

Following 4 March 2024, queries regarding the ACCC's review may be addressed to Emma Moulds or Hugo Dunkley at

ACCC correspondence


Date Event

ACCC commenced informal review under the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines.

Closing date for submissions.

Provisional date for announcement of ACCC’s findings (as outlined in the Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines, this may be a final decision or release of a Statement of Issues).

Project staff

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  • Hugo Dunkley

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