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Aurizon, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Aurizon Operations Limited (Aurizon), proposes to acquire Flinders Logistics Pty Ltd (Flinders Logistics) and its wholly owned subsidiary Pirie Bulk Pty Ltd (Pirie Bulk) under a share sale agreement.

Flinders Logistics operates a stevedoring and logistics business for bulk and limited break bulk at Berths 18-20 and 29 at Port Adelaide and at Port Pirie, South Australia. Pirie Bulk provides cargo handling services at Port Pirie.

Aurizon is an ASX listed (ASX: AZJ) national freight company which provides rail haulage services in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory, including the Tarcoola to Darwin railway. Aurizon currently provides rail haulage to and from Port Adelaide. Aurizon does not currently provide any haulage services to or from Port Pirie. 

As part of the proposed acquisition, Aurizon will acquire the assets associated with Flinders Logistics' stevedoring operation and Flinders Logistics will enter into underleases for certain land currently used by Flinders Logistics or Pirie Bulk. Existing common areas (including those required for berth access) will remain common user. 

Market inquiries

Submissions are invited from interested parties regarding Aurizon’s proposed acquisition of Flinders Logistics by 5pm on 3 May 2024

Submissions should be forwarded electronically (preferably in PDF format) to

For more details, please refer to the Market Inquiries Letter published below. 

Following 3 May 2024, queries regarding the ACCC’s review may also be addressed to

Market inquiries


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