• JWL Marketing Pty Ltd t/a Weldclass Welding Products

Notification number(s)

  • RPN10000454


On 4 October 2019, Weldclass Welding Products (Weldclass) lodged a resale price maintenance (RPM) notification.

Under the notification, Weldclass proposes to introduce into its distributor agreements a requirement that its distributors not sell its welding and plasma cutting products below minimum prices nominated by Weldclass (the RPM Conduct). The proposed RPM Conduct relates to Weldclass’ current and future welders and plasma cutters models only.

A copy of the notification is available via the link below.

The ACCC is currently seeking submissions from interested parties on the RPM notification by 28 October 2019. For further information about how to make a submission, please refer the ‘ACCC’s letter to interested parties’ in the Consultations section below.

Indicative timetable for assessment of the application

Indicative date

Stage in assessment process

4 October 2019

RPM notification lodged

14 October 2019

Public consultation commences

28 October 2019

Closing date for submissions from interested parties

November 2019

Weldclass to respond to any issues raised in interested party submissions

December 2019

Expected timing for ACCC decision to either allow the notification to stand or issue a draft objection notice


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