Val Morgan CineTicket Pty Ltd - Notification - N70335 to N70352


  • Active Health Club Pty Ltd
  • Adventure World (WA) Pty Ltd
  • Anbojo Pty Ltd
  • D S McAllister Pty Ltd
  • Digicall Australia Pty Ltd (Vodac)
  • Dockside Comedy Bar
  • Edenwealth Pty Ltd
  • High Octane Pty Ltd
  • Irish Restaurant & Bar Pty Ltd
  • Mainsable Pty Ltd
  • Newcastle Superstrike Pty Ltd
  • Nileta Pty Ltd
  • Pugg Mahones Carlton Pty Ltd
  • RPR Chand Holding Pty Ltd
  • Red Dog (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Replay Family Entertainment Pty Ltd
  • Treize Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N70335
  • N70336
  • N70337
  • N70338
  • N70339
  • N70340
  • N70341
  • N70342
  • N70343
  • N70344
  • N70345
  • N70346
  • N70347
  • N70348
  • N70349
  • N70350
  • N70351
  • N70352


Various retailers (D.S. McAllister Pty Ltd T/A Davali Home Improvements, Newcastle Superstrike Pty Ltd, Digicall Australia Pty Ltd, Red Dog (Australia) Pty Ltd T/A Hogs Breath Tuggerah, Nileta Pty Ltd T/A Hornsby World of Fitness, Active Health Club Pty Ltd, Anbojo Pty Ltd T/A Donut King Hornsby, RPR Chand Holdings Pty Ltd T/A Oporto Macquarie, Treize Pty Ltd T/A Delifrance, Pugg Mahones Carlton Pty Ltd T/A Pugg Mahones Irish Pub, Edenwealth Pty Ltd T/A Morley Rollderdrome, Adventure World (WA) Pty Ltd, High Octane Pty Ltd T/A High Octane Race and Retail Centre, Irish Restaurant & Bar Pty Ltd T/A Dicey Reilly's Chapel Bar, Mainsable Pty Ltd T/A Cellar Bar Dining, Replay Family Entertainment Pty Ltd T/A Replay City Trust, Dockside Comedy Bar) lodged notifications in relation to the offer of discounts or special offers on condition that consumers present a coupon, obtained upon purchasing a cinema ticket from a cinema of the Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd.


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