Tabcorp - Notifications - N96146 - N96148


  • Tab Limited
  • Tabcorp Wagering (Vic) Pty Ltd
  • Tabcorp Wagering Manager (Vic) Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N96146
  • N96147
  • N96148


Tabcorp Wagering (Vic) Pty Ltd, Tabcorp Wagering Manager (Vic) Pty Ltd and TAB Limited propose to offer 'Tabcorp Venue Goods and Services' at a particular price (or offer to give a discount, allowance, rebate or credit) on condition that the person has acquired member services from a Nominate Membership organisation. Current nominated member organisations are the Australian Hotels Association NSW, Clubs NSW, Australian Hotels Association Victoria and Community Clubs Association of Victoria Inc.