Renewal SA & Peet Tonsley Apartments


  • Peet Tonsley Apartments Pty Ltd
  • Urban Renewal Authority trading as Renewal SA

Notification number(s)

  • N10000475
  • N10000477


Peet Tonsley Apartments Pty Ltd (Peet) and Urban Renewal Authority, trading as ‘Renewal SA’, are respectively the developer and landholder of the Tonsley Precinct development in Adelaide.

On 20 March 2019 Peet lodged exclusive dealing notification N10000475 relating to 450 Apartments and Renewal SA lodged exclusive dealing notification N10000477 relating to 400 Townhouse allotments at the Tonsley Precinct.

Each of the apartment and townhouse allotments at the Tonsley Precent will require a natural gas and recycled water connection. Peet and Renewal SA have each entered an agreement with Enwave Tonsley Pty Ltd (Enwave) through which Enwave will develop, operate and maintain a recycled water network and embedded natural gas network to service the entire precinct.

Peet and Renewal SA propose to require each purchaser of an allotment at the Tonsley Precinct to connect to the Enwave recycled water and gas networks, pay a connection fee and purchase natural gas and recycled water from Enwave on terms to be agreed with Enwave.