• Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N10000453


Gladstone Ports Corporation Ltd (GPC) notified the ACCC that it intends to engage in exclusive dealing conduct requiring all vessels that need towage services at the Port of Gladstone to use the services of the holder of an exclusive ‘tug licence’ for the Port of Gladstone for a period of up to eight years, commencing no later than 1 January 2020 and ending no later than 31 December 2027.

GPC intends to engage in the notified conduct by conducting a competitive tender process and then awarding a new exclusive licence to provide harbour towage services at the Port of Gladstone.

On 19 July 2018, the ACCC advised GPC and interested parties that it does not intend to take further action to revoke the notification. The ACCC has published a Statement of Reasons in relation to its decision.