• Employsure Mutual Limited Ltd

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  • N10000538


Employsure Mutual Limited Ltd (the Mutual) was established for small business owners who share common employment and work safety issues to pool their limited resources and knowledge, and is owned by 27,000 small business entities (members). Employsure Pty Limited and Employsure Limited (Employsure) provide employers with employment relations and health and safety advice and consultancy services. Employsure is not a related body corporate to the Mutual.

The Mutual proposes to require that a small business must first be a client of Employsure in order to:

  • become a member of Mutual, and
  • gain access to discretionary benefits offered by Mutual called 'Employsure Protect', by paying a contribution fee to the Mutual for the selected protection. This discretionary protection is offered to members who have been financially impacted by the cost of legal action brought them, for example, for legal costs in respect of certain employment claims and actions, wrongful breaches of health and safety legislation, and investigation costs. 

Clients of Employsure would not be compelled to join the Mutual and have the ability to choose traditional insurance products.

The ACCC has decided to take no further action in relation to this notification and allowed it to stand. Legal protection provided by the notification will continue unless or until the ACCC revokes the notification or it is withdrawn.


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