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Burbank Australia proposes to supply, or offer to supply, customers with residential building services at a fixed price, that includes the cost of obtaining all necessary building and occupying permits, on the condition that the customer appoints a building surveyor that Burbank has identified as a “recommended” surveyor.

Burbank Australia states that generally it will not refuse to supply residential building services if a customer does not agree to this condition, however the price will differ from the fixed price offered to customers who agree to the condition. Burbank Australia states that in rare cases, it may not be comfortable with proceeding with a new home contract with a proposed building surveyor (for example, if the building surveyor's track record pose an unacceptable risk to Burbank and the other personnel working on its sites). In those cases, Burbank reserves the right to decide that it is not willing to enter into a contract with a customer that involves a building surveyor that does not meet Burbank's standards (as applicable from time to time).


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