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TargetNotification numberDate lodged
Latitude FinanceCB10000455-116/07/2018
Zip MoneyCB10000455-416/07/2018
Thorn GroupCB10000455-616/07/2018
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On 16 July 2018, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) received a collective bargaining notification from Six/Left Group Pty Ltd (Six/Left), a retail consultancy which provides management in relation to point-of-sale finance.

Six/Left proposes to establish a collective bargaining group through which it would act as the agent for small to medium homeware retailers to negotiate point of sale finance agreements with financiers offering ‘interest free’, ‘no interest ever’ ‘buy now pay later’ and rental point-of-sale finance options. Point-of-sale finance arrangements negotiated by Six/Left would be available for use by homeware retailers which are members of the collective bargaining group. Homeware retailers will not be eligible for membership in the collective bargaining group if they expect that the value of their contracts with target finance providers would exceed $3m in any 12 month period.

A copy of the notification is available by following the links below.

On 21 September 2018 the ACCC stated that it did not object to the notification, allowing it to stand, and determined that it was appropriate for the notification to operate from 30 July 2018 until 15 July 2028.


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