Harness Racing Australia Inc - Collective Bargaining Notifications - CB00206 - CB00207


  • Harness Racing Australia Inc

Lodged on behalf of:

  • Harness Racing New South Wales
  • Harness Racing SA Ltd
  • Harness Racing Victoria
  • New South Wales Harness Racing Club
  • Racing and Wagering Western Australia
  • Tasracing Pty Ltd
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TargetNotification numberDate lodged
Sky Channel Pty LtdCB0020625/07/2012
Sky Channel Pty LtdCB0020725/07/2012


Harness Racing Australia Inc proposes to collectively bargain on behalf of itself, New South Wales Harness Racing Club, Racing and Wagering Western Australia, Harness Racing SA, Tasracing, Harness Racing New South Wales and Harness Racing Victoria. The parties propose to supply harness racing vision and associated audio to Sky Channel Pty Ltd and grant a licence to broadcast such content. Collective negotiations are proposed to include the licence fee, the term of the licence, the geographical limits of the licence, the media on which licensed content may be broadcast, the minimum content to be broadcast and the scheduling of broadcasts.