New Energy Tech Consumer Code


On 30 April 2019, the Clean Energy Council (CEC), the Australian Energy Council (AEC), the Smart Energy Council (SEC) and Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) (together the Applicants) lodged an application on behalf of themselves and future signatory providers of ‘new energy tech’ (e.g. solar generation systems, energy storage systems, electrical vehicle charging and other emerging energy products and services) for authorisation for the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (Consumer Code).

The proposed Consumer Code will set minimum standards of good practice and consumer protection that will be provided by signatories covering all aspects of the customer experience, including those ranging from initial marketing and promotion through to, as appropriate, the offering, quoting, contracts, finance and payments, installation, operation, customer service, warranties and complaints handling processes.

A copy of the application and submission are available by following the links below.

The ACCC is currently inviting submissions from interested parties on the substantive application for authorisation. Submissions should be made by 22 May 2019.

Submissions can be made at

30 April 2019

Lodgement of application and supporting submission.

8 May 2019

Public consultation process begins.

22 May 2019

Closing date for submissions from interested parties.

June 2019

Applicant responds to issues raised in the public consultation process.

June/July 2019

Draft determination.

July 2019

Public consultation on draft determination including any conference if called.

July/August 2019

Final determination.


  • Energy Consumers Australia
  • Clean Energy Council
  • Australian Energy Council
  • Smart Energy Council

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000439-1


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