Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG)


The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG), on behalf of itself and eight councils located in the Goulburn Valley region and surrounding areas, seeks authorisation to jointly procure waste and resource recovery services.  The eight participating councils are Greater Shepparton City Council, Moira Shire, Campaspe Shire, Strathbogie Shire, Mitchell Shire, Murrindindi Shire, Murray River Shire and Berrigan Shire.

In particular, GVWRRG and the eight participating councils seek authorisation to jointly conduct tender processes for, and negotiate contractual terms in relation to, the following waste and resource recovery services:

o   Domestic kerbside residual waste, recyclables and organic waste collection and transport

o   Domestic kerbside recyclables acceptance and sorting

o   Domestic kerbside organic waste (including food organics and/or green waste) acceptance and processing

o   Residual waste disposal

o   Resource recovery centre domestic residual waste and recyclables collection and transport

o   Supply of mobile kerbside bins

o   Supply of organics kitchen caddies and liners

o   Landfill and resource recovery data recording systems

o   Landfill management services, and

o   Collection processing and/or disposal of specific material streams (for example, e-waste, clothing and textiles, and mattresses and soft furnishings)

(the Proposed Conduct). 

It is proposed that a separate procurement process will be undertaken for each of the relevant services, and at different time periods, as each of the Councils’ current contracts reach their expiry.  The first joint procurement process is proposed to be for recyclables acceptance and sorting services.

A copy of the application is available by following the link below. 

The ACCC is currently seeking submissions from interested in the application for authorisation by Friday, 1 November 2019.  For further information about providing a submission to the ACCC, please refer the ‘ACCC’s letter to interested parties’ in the Consultation section below.

Indicative timetable for assessment of the application

1 October 2019

Lodgement of application and supporting submission.

10 October 2019

Public consultation process begins.

1 November 2019

Closing date for submissions from interested parties.

18 November 2019

Applicant responds to issues raised in the public consultation process.

December 2019

Draft determination.

January / February 2020

Public consultation on draft determination including any conference if called.

February / March 2020

Final determination.


  • Greater Shepparton City Council
  • Murrindindi Shire Council
  • Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group
  • Strathbogie Shire Council
  • Murray River Shire Council
  • Berrigan Shire Council
  • Campaspe Shire Council
  • Moira Shire Council
  • Mitchell Shire Council

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000453-1


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