The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has authorised* certain provisions of an agreement between Tabcorp and TOTE Tasmania** governing TOTE Tasmania's participation in the SuperTAB pool.

Tabcorp is the host of the SuperTAB pool which combines bets placed through a number of totalisators, including TOTE Tasmania.

"Pooling allows bets placed with smaller totalisators to be combined into a single larger pool," ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said today. "This provides consumers with a more attractive and stable pool. TOTE Tasmania considers that is it commercially imperative for it to have access to the SuperTAB pool.

"In particular, the ACCC considers that the agreement will allow TOTE Tasmania to offer enhanced wagering products to punters. There are also benefits to the Tasmanian racing industry through the maintenance of the funding it receives from TOTE Tasmania.

"While there are benefits from the agreement, the ACCC recognises that certain provisions of the Agreement may generate some public detriment.

"Among other things, the agreement prevents TOTE Tasmania from pooling with other totalisators for certain bet types and racing events, and requires TOTE Tasmania to comply with the take out rates set by Tabcorp on pooled bets.
"Overall, the ACCC is satisfied that the agreement will result in a net public benefit."

 The ACCC's determination will be available from the ACCC website.

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