The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today issued its seventh report assessing cross-subsidy between the services provided by Australia Post.

The report analyses Australia Post's 2010-11 regulatory accounts to establish whether its competitive services were being cross-subsidised with revenue from its statutory monopoly services.

"The regulatory accounts do not show that Australia Post is cross-subsidising its competitive services with revenue from its monopoly services," ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

"In fact, the 2010-11 report found Australia Post's non-monopoly services as a whole were a source of subsidy," Mr Sims said.

To assess whether Australia Post's competitive services are being cross-subsidised by its monopoly services, the ACCC uses information provided by Australia Post in accordance with ACCC record-keeping rules.

The ACCC was given the power to issue record-keeping rules in response to complaints by Australia Post's competitors that Australia Post was damaging competition by cross-subsidising its competitive services with revenues from its monopoly services.

The 2010-11 cross-subsidy monitoring report will be available from the ACCC's website.