Kellogg ads fall foul of ACCC

26 May 1998

Consumers have been warned to carefully scrutinise comparative advertising after complaints to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about a recent Kellogg campaign launching a new product, Golden Wheats.

'The short series of print advertisements featured the National Heart Foundation 'tick' of approval for Golden Wheats and a cross against two similar products, Weet-Bix and Vita Brits,' ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today. 'As a result, the ACCC believes some consumers would have thought Weet-Bix and Vita Brits either failed, or would fail, to obtain the National Heart Foundation's 'tick' of approval. 'In fact both products fall within the nutritional guidelines for breakfast cereals set by the Foundation.

Since the campaign, both Weet-Bix and Vita Brits have now also obtained the National Heart Foundation's 'tick' of approval. 'Kellogg has assured the ACCC it will not repeat the advertisement, nor engage in any comparative advertising involving the National Heart Foundation Tick logo. 'Consumers must remember that many products which have not obtained the National Heart Foundation's 'tick' of approval are as nutritious as those which have. .

Products which claim to have healthy benefits are required to include nutritional information in their labelling so consumers can make informed comparisons between products. 'Consumers must read these panels to form their opinions of the 'health' or otherwise of a the product.

'The ACCC supports comparative advertising - provided it is not misleading and compares like with like.

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