Statement to growers

Traders must give growers regular statements about how they dealt with the grower’s produce during a particular period.

Statement to growers

The horticulture produce agreement between the trade and grower must set out the period for which the trader must report to the grower (known as the reporting period), and the period in which a statement for a reporting period must be given to the grower (the statement period).

Penalties apply if you don’t give a statement to each grower you deal with.

Traders will have different obligations depending on whether they are acting as an agent or merchant under the horticulture produce agreement.

What a statement needs to tell a grower


The requirements for a statement from agents are:

  • the date/s the agent received the grower’s produce
  • the date/s the agent sold the produce
  • the type and quantity of the produce sold
  • the amount the agent was paid for the produce
  • the amount the agent deducted from the sale price
  • details about produce that was not sold by the agent during that period, including:
    • why the produce wasn’t sold
    • how much produce was destroyed by the agent, and the cost of destroying the produce
    • how much of the grower’s produce the agent has left at the end of the period.


The requirements for a statement from merchants are:

  • the date/s the merchant received the grower’s produce
  • the quality and quantity of the produce bought by the merchant
  • the date/s that the merchant bought produce from the grower
  • the price paid for the produce
  • if the price for the produce was determined by a method or formula:
    • the gross sale price of the produce
    • the details of any produce not sold
    • the details of any produce destroyed, or to be destroyed, and the reason why the destruction is necessary.

Traders must keep a copy of their statements for at least six years after they give them to the grower.

See: Record keeping under the Horticulture Code

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