Food and Grocery Code of Conduct

If you are a supplier to retailers or wholesalers who have signed up to the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct (signatories), we have outlined key things that you should know when conducting business, negotiating terms or trying to raise a complaint or resolve a dispute.

The Code was amended on 3 October 2020. Retailers and wholesalers have been given time to transition to new or updated obligations that apply.

Food and Grocery Code

Find out if the Food and Grocery Code applies to you, and about requirements for grocery supply agreements. We also provide a glossary of key terms to help you navigate the Code, information about how the ACCC enforces the Code and how to make a report to the ACCC.

Changes to the Food and Grocery Code

The Food and Grocery Code (the Code) is a voluntary code that governs certain conduct by grocery retailers and wholesalers in their dealings with suppliers. From 3 October 2020, amendments to the Code came into effect.

Protections for suppliers under the Food and Grocery Code

There are key standards of conduct a retailer or wholesaler signatory is expected to demonstrate when dealing with suppliers, including in relation to payment, promotions, price rises, product standards and delisting.

Acting in good faith under the Food and Grocery Code

The good faith obligation is intended to build trust between parties and improve standards of conduct. It's important for suppliers, retailers and wholesalers to understand how good faith might apply under the Food and Grocery Code.

Resolving disputes with retailers or wholesalers under the Food and Grocery Code

If you are unable or prefer not to resolve a dispute directly with a retailer or wholesaler, the Food and Grocery Code provides processes for you to raise and resolve disputes, including via a Code Arbiter.

Suppliers of grocery products - your competition and consumer law rights

You may have the benefit of a number of other rights and protections under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA), in addition to the in the Food and Grocery Code. Find out how the provisions against misleading or deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct and types of anti-competitive conduct may protect your business.