The ACCC has granted urgent interim authorisation permitting manufacturers and other industry participants to collaborate on arrangements for the supply of diesel exhaust fluid, known as ‘AdBlue’ that is used in most modern diesel vehicles to control noxious emissions.

Brenntag Australia Pty Ltd and other diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers and industry participants (together, the Parties) have been allowed to coordinate in this way since late 2021, when the ACCC granted authorisation following a global shortage of urea. Urea is the key ingredient for diesel exhaust fluid. This authorisation was due to end on 1 December 2022.

The parties have now sought re-authorisation for a further four years while long-term supply initiatives are implemented.

The interim authorisation enables the Parties to continue to coordinate on the supply of urea and the supply and distribution of diesel exhaust fluid, should shortages emerge, while the ACCC assesses the application for re-authorisation.

Further information and a copy of the interim authorisation decision are available on the ACCC’s Public Register.