The ACCC has granted authorisation AA1000622, with conditions, to enable AdBlue manufacturers and other industry participants to collaborate, in conjunction with the Australian Government, for specified purposes related to securing sufficient supply of technical grade urea and prioritising access to technical grade urea and diesel exhaust fluid.

Technical grade urea is a key ingredient in diesel exhaust fluid. In late 2021 and early 2022, export restrictions led to a global shortage of technical grade urea and Australian diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers were facing difficulties securing supply. As diesel exhaust fluid is critical to the operation of modern diesel engines, this shortage risked disrupting Australian supply chains and the economy more broadly, including the road freight, mining agriculture and energy sectors, and light vehicles.

On 24 November 2022, the ACCC granted urgent interim authorisation with conditions so that the conduct previously authorised in AA1000598 could continue while the ACCC considered the application.

The ACCC has granted authorisation until 3 November 2027.

Further information about the ACCC’s final determination is available on the ACCC’s public register.