About fraud and corruption

Fraud is 'dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means'. It includes:

  • theft
  • unlawful use of ACCC property or services
  • disclosure of confidential or sensitive information
  • corruption of a tender process.

Corruption occurs if:

  • a public official breaks public trust or abuses their office
  • a current or former public official misuses information they gained while in their position, or
  • a person does something to prevent a public official from carrying out their powers or duties honestly and fairly.

Any plan or attempt to do these things is also corruption.

If you have any information or concerns about possible fraud or corruption connected to the ACCC, let us know. Any information you provide will help ensure the integrity of the ACCC.

    Report suspected fraud or corruption

    Report to the ACCC

    You can report possible fraud or corruption relating to the ACCC by emailing integrity@accc.gov.au.

    This can be fraud or corruption connected to the ACCC by:

    • ACCC Commissioners, employees, contractors or subcontractors, or
    • members of the public.

    Reports of suspected fraud or corruption are carefully considered and treated as strictly confidential. If we need to share information, including your identity, with anyone else, this will occur on a limited ‘need to know’ basis. We try to make sure that the person receiving the information treats it in the same way.

    Other ways to report

    If you prefer to tell someone outside the ACCC about your concerns, you can report possible:

    If you have information relating to a new company that has been created to continue the business of an existing company that has been deliberately liquidated to avoid paying taxes, creditors and employee entitlements, visit Phoenix Taskforce.

    Information to include in a report

    Please include the following information in your report (if available):

    • the nature of the possible fraud or corruption
    • how and when you became aware of it
    • the date/s when the fraud or corruption occurred
    • the full name, position and employer of each person who may have been involved in the fraud or corruption
    • the estimated nature and size of any benefit received or loss suffered, and the identity of the person/s who received the benefit or suffered the loss.

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